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Bid Notification Sealed Bids Will Be Received

BID NOTIFICATION Sealed bids will be received in the Harrison Township Development Department, at the Harrison Township Government Center, located at 5945 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45414, until 10:30am for the HARRISON TOWNSHIP PROPERTY ABATEMENT PROJECT LOCATED AT 2009 DIVISION AVE. on Monday, September 26, 2022 or soon thereafter as the opening can begin in the meeting room of the Harrison Township Town Hall. The work will take place on the remaining structure of a single-family residential property that has been partially burned and demolished containing a significant amount of personal items, located on two parcels. Bid should include any asbestos testing, cost for clean-up, removal, completed demolition and grading of site. Utilities have already been terminated per the Harrison Township Fire Department. There is a bid cap of $35,000.00 with the lowest and best bid being accepted. The project shall be completed within 21 days of the contract award. Specifications are available at the Harrison Township Development Department Offices located at 5945 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45414 at a non-refundable cost of five dollars ($5.00) for one set of documents, by cash or check made payable to Harrison Township Board of Trustees. Pursuant to 153.54 et. Seq. of the Ohio Revised Code, the bidder shall submit a Bid Guaranty in the form of either: A bond for the full amount of the bid; or A certified check, cashier's check or letter of credit pursuant to Chapter 1305, Ohio Revised Code, in the amount of TEN PERCENT (10%) WHICH MUST BE ENCLOSED WITH THE BID. The successful bidder must replace the 10% Bid Bond with a one hundred percent (100%) Performance Bond upon award of the Bid. Failure to submit a bid bond, certified or cashier's check will cause rejection of your bid. Each bidder must ensure that all employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. A mandatory pre-bid conference will be conducted on Tuesday September 20, 2022, at 10:30 am at the Harrison Township, Government Center, 5945 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45414. All potential bidders are required to attend this conference (non-attendance by Prime Bidders will subject their bid to disqualification) and shall pay particular attention to the following provisions. a) The Bidder shall examine the plans and specifications prior to the prebid conference and be ready to raise questions concerning any unclear matter in the bidding process. b) The Bidder recognizes that the purpose of the prebid conference is to resolve ambiguities, inconsistencies, errors or omissions in the contract documents, and interpretations thereof shall be made with a preference to the accomplishment of the purpose of the contract, without additional cost to the Owner. Bids shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope identified as "HARRISON TOWNSHIP ABATEMENT PROJECT FOR 2009 DIVISION AVE." and MUST HAVE THE FULL NAME AND ADDRESS of the bidder on the envelope. Harrison Township reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularity of bids, should same be to the advantage of the Township. Emily Crow, AICP Development Director Published in the Dayton Daily News On 9-16/2022
September 16, 2022
September 26, 2022
September 26, 2022 8:05pm