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Clark SWMD Public Notice Public Comment Period

CLARK SWMD Public Notice Public Comment Period for Draft Solid Waste Management Plan Update The Clark County Solid Waste Management District is establishing a 30-day written comment period (June 24th, 2024 until July 24th, 2024) on the draft Solid Waste Management Plan Update (Plan Update) (Ohio Revised Code Section 3734.54). The District has prepared the draft Plan Update as required by Section 3734.54 of the Ohio Revised Code. The draft Plan Update includes a budget and fees to finance the Plan, a solid waste facility inventory, projections and strategies, facilities and programs to be used, an analysis of the progress made toward achieving state solid waste reduction goals, and District rules. This 2025 Plan is an update to a previously approved solid waste plan. The 2025 Plan Update includes a demonstration of access to landfill capacity and determines whether there are more than fifteen years of landfill capacity available to the District. Based on the landfills used to manage waste generated in the District during the 2021 reference year for the planning period, landfills had an average life expectancy of 38 years. The District does not have a landfill or transfer station within its boundaries and does not have contractual agreements to designate specific facilities to receive Clark County's waste. The District is reliant on regional waste facilities. Due to the economics of waste hauling, the closest facilities are where a majority of Clark County's waste ends up. These are the Montgomery County South Transfer Station and Stony Hollow Landfill. Both facilities are located in neighboring Montgomery County. The draft Plan update includes District rules contained in Appendix Q. The District currently has one rule governing the construction and modification of solid waste facilities in Clark County. The District is not proposing any new rules in this plan update. The draft Plan Update complies with State Plan Goal #2: A 25% diversion of all residential/commercial waste generated. The District expects to continue to reach this goal throughout the planning period. The District currently funds plan programs and current operations through generation fees collected on each ton of waste generated within Clark County. This fee is $8.50 per ton and has not been altered since 2007. No fee increase is needed in this next planning cycle. However, a fee increase is shown at a future date to balance the District budget. In 2031, a $1.00 generation fee increase to $9.50 is projected for planning purposes. The District will hold a public hearing to obtain oral comments regarding the draft Plan Update on Wednesday, July 24th, 2024 at Room 151, Springview Government Center, 3130 E Main St., Springfield, OH 45503 at 4:30 p.m. The District will accept written comments as required by Ohio Revised Code Section 3734.55 on the draft Plan Update from June 24th, 2024, until July 24th, 2024. Written comments should be sent to Clark County SWD, 1602 W. Main St. Springfield, OH 45504. The draft Plan Update is available for review on the District's website at: Please contact the District at (937) 521-2020 with any questions about the Plan Update. 6-23/2024
June 23, 2024
July 22, 2024
July 21, 2024 8:05pm