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Legal Notice Public Notice of Industries in Significant

LEGAL NOTICE Public Notice of Industries in Significant Noncompliance of Pretreatment Regulations As part of the requirements of CFR, Part 403 (General Pretreatment Regulations) the City is required to publish an annual listing of all industries that were in significant noncompliance with the pretreatment regulations during the previous year. Those industries that were in significant noncompliance during the period from September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2022 are as follows: Future Finishes, Inc. 40 Standen Drive Hamilton, Ohio 45015 Osborn 3440 Symmes Road Hamilton, Ohio 45015 Violation (Future Finishes): A Categorical violation of the daily maximum, monthly average, Local Limit, and technical review criteria maximum and average for Zinc and Copper occurred during the semi-annual compliance monitoring. Actions: Future Finishes was issued a written "notice of violation". Corrective Action: Future Finishes investigated the cause(s) for violations and performed extensive inspections on process operations and equipment to identify the issues. New facility owner continues to take steps to make necessary upgrades and pretreatment system improvements. Follow-up sampling was within permitted limits and subsequent sampling events have shown a return to compliance. Penalties: No penalties were assessed. Issuance of a compliance schedule or monetary fines to be determined based on future compliance during ongoing monitoring events. Violation (Osborn): An illicit discharge was discovered, causing interference with the City's sewer system and also with an adjacent creek located in a groundwater protected area. Untreated solids entered the City sewer from a pretreatment system overflow. The spill also entered the storm water system, discharging into a creek adjacent to the plant property. Actions: Osborn was issued a written "notice of violation". Corrective Action: The City of Hamilton removed the sewer obstruction and remediation was performed at the adjacent creek by a contractor hired by Osborn. Cleanup and implementation of preventive measures are still ongoing at the plant. Osborn is also responsible for costs incurred to the City associated with this incident. Penalties: $250 fine to be issued. Notice posted by: Edwin Porter Executive Director of Infrastructure City of Hamilton, Ohio 9-15/2022
September 15, 2022
October 14, 2022
October 14, 2022 8:05pm