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Notice of the Removal, Repair, or Securance

NOTICE OF THE REMOVAL, REPAIR, OR SECURANCE OF UNSECURE AND/OR UNSAFE BUILDINGS 2026 Exeter Street 2030 Exeter Street Hamilton, OH 45015 Parcel Ids: A0300037000130, A0300037000131, A0300037000132, A0300037000133, A0300037000134 To All Property Owners and Lien Holders: TAKE NOTICE that the Fairfield Township Board of Trustees have adopted a resolution, dated August 9, 2022 for the removal, repair, or securance of all unsafe and structurally unsecure buildings located at 2026 Exeter Street and 2030 Exeter Street, Hamilton, OH 45015, located in Fairfield Township. The structures have been declared unsecure, unsafe, and structurally defective by the the Fairfield Township Fire Department in a memorandum dated August 3, 2022. A copy of the resolution and supporting notice will be available for review at the Fairfield Township Administration Building. Owners and/or lien holders may request a hearing regarding this resolution by providing written request to the Fairfield Township Fiscal Officer pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §505.86 (C)(l). If said building is not secured by the said owners, or if no agreement for abatement of conditions on the property is reached between the Township and the owners and lienholders of record within thirty days after notice is given, the Township Administrator shall cause the building to be removed, repaired, and/or secured, and the Township shall notify the Butler County Auditor to assess such cost plus administrative expense to the property tax bills for the said parcel, as provided in Ohio Revised Code §505.86. Fairfield Township Trustees Shannon Harkemeyer, Michael Berding, Joe McAbee Shelly Schultz, Fiscal Officer Julie Vonderhaar, Administrator 8-13/2022
August 13, 2022
September 11, 2022
September 11, 2022 8:10pm