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Notice of Public Hearing the Council (The "Council")

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The Council (the "Council") of the City of Middletown, Ohio (the "City") will hold a public hearing on October 3, 2023 approximately on or after 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, One Donham Plaza, Middletown, Ohio 45042, on the petition submitted to the Council proposing to establish the Renaissance Arena District New Community Authority, as a new community authority pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 349 (the "Petition"). Such hearing will be held pursuant to Resolution No. R2023-25, duly adopted by the Council on September 5, 2023 (the "Resolution of Sufficiency"). The Petition and Resolution of Sufficiency are on file in the office of the Clerk of Council, located at One Donham Plaza, Middletown, Ohio 45042, and are available for inspection by interested persons during regular business hours. 9-11, 9-18, 9-25/2023
September 11, 2023
October 3, 2023
September 29, 2023 1:45pm