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Court of Common Pleas Montgomery County, Ohio Gateway

COURT OF COMMON PLEAS MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO GATEWAY MORTGAGE GROUP, A DIVISION OF GATEWAY FIRST BANK Plaintiff, v. MEREDITH QUIGLEY, ET AL. Defendants. CASE NO. 2021 CV 04745 JUDGE: MARY MONTGOMERY LEGAL NOTICE Meredith Quigley and John Doe, name unknown, spouse of Meredith Quigley, will take notice that the Plaintiff, Gateway Mortgage Group, a division of Gateway First Bank, filed its Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County, Ohio, with the above reference case number. The object of and demand for relief in the Complaint is to foreclose upon the Plaintiff's Mortgage recorded upon the real estate described below and in which the Plaintiff alleges that the foregoing Defendants have or claim to have an interest: SITUATE IN THE CITY OF OAKWOOD, COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY AND STATE OF OHIO, AND BEING LOT NUMBERED FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN (527) OF THE REVISED AND CONSECUTIVE NUMBERS OF LOTS ON THE PLAT OF THE SAID CITY OF OAKWOOD, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO Parcel ID Number: Q71 01607 0049 Property address: 27 Spirea Dr, Dayton, OH 45419 PPN: Q71 01607 0049 The Defendants named above are required to answer the Complaint within twenty-eight (28) day after the last publication of the legal notice. This legal notice will be published once a week for three successive weeks. Jeffrey R. Helms (SCR#0075659) Mark N. Dierks (SCR#0040668) Robert H. Young (SCR#0036743) Lori R. Leach (SCR#0069629) Brock & Scott, PLLC 6725 Miami A venue, Suite 100 Cincinnati, OH 45243 Phone (888) 461-7908 Ext. 2019 (513) 492-2016 (facsimile) 9-11, 9-18, 9-25/2022
September 11, 2022
October 24, 2022
October 24, 2022 8:05pm