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Legal Ad Notice in Suit for Foreclosure

LEGAL AD NOTICE IN SUIT FOR FORECLOSURE FOR DELINQUENT REAL ESTATE TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS, WARREN COUNTY, OHIO, CASE NO. 20CV93628 CAPTIONED AS BARNEY WRIGHT, TREASURER OF WARREN COUNTY, OHIO, PLAINTIFF v. THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, BENEFICIARIES, NEXT OF KIN, SPOUSES OF HEIRS, DEVISEES, LEGATEES, EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, CREDITORS, GUARDIANS OF INCOMPETENT HEIRS, SPOUSES, AN /OR ASSIGNS OF LOUIS E. FREDERICK, DECEASED, IF ANY, WHOSE NAME AND ADDRESSES ARE UNKNOWN, ET. AL. DEFENDANTS, namely THE UNKNOWN HEIR. BENEFICIARIES, NEXT OF KIN, SPOUSES OF HEIRS, DEVISEES, LEGATEES, EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, CREDITORS, GUARDIANS OF INCOMPETENT HEIRS, SPOUSES, AND/OR ASSIGNS OF LOUIS E. FREDERICK, D CEASED, IF ANY, WHOSE NAMES AND ADDRESSES ARE UNKNOWN, will take notice that on the 1st day of October, 2020, Barney Wright, Treasurer of Warren County, Ohio, filed his Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas of Warren County, Ohio, at 500 Justice Drive, Lebanon, Ohio, 45036, in Case No. 20CV93628 on the docket of said Court, demanding judgment in the amount of $1,710.68, plus accrued taxes, assessments, penalties, and interest and court costs; and, Plaintiff is seeking an order of foreclosure against the following described real estate: Sidwell No. 13-10-226-004 Account No. 5316791 Situated in the Township of Turtlecreek, in the County of Warren and State of Ohio, and being a part of Section 10, Town 5, Range 3, M.R.S., and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point in the Lebanon and Ft. Ancient Pike, State Route #350, said beginning point bears N. 85 deg. W. 929.95 feet from a spike at the intersection of the center line of said Pike and the East line of Section 10, and it is further witnessed by an iron rod bearing N. 3 deg. 50' E. 17.5 feet; said point also being the South West corner of a 6.30 acre tract as conveyed T.D. & Goldie L. Marshall to Arthur & Mary Frederick by deed dated June 10, 1950, and recorded in Warren County, Ohio, Deed Record Vol. 195, Page 67. Running thence with the West line of said 6.30 acre tract, and the East line of lands owned by Robert Duerigan, N. 3 deg. 50' E. 1470.5 feet to an iron rod, and real place of beginning for the following described tract; thence continuing same course, N. 3 deg. 50' E. 209 feet to an iron rod at the Northwest corner of said 6.30 acre tract; thence with the North line of said tract S. 85 deg. 44' E. 140.85 feet to a post; thence S. 1 deg. 52' W.209.1 feet to an iron rod; thence N. 85 deg. 44' W. 148 feet to the place of beginning, containing Sixty-Nine Hundreths (0.69) of an acre. There is also granted an easement over a strip of land Thirty feet in width, and 1470.5 feet in length, lying along and immediately East of the West line of the aforesaid 6.30 acre tract. Said strip of land is to be used by the herein grantee and by her heirs and assigns, as a means of ingress and egress from the above described tract and the aforesaid Lebanon and Fort Ancient Pike, State Route #350. It is hereby agreed and understood that the use of said 30 foot roadway or outlet, shall be subject to the joint and unobstructed use by any and all property owners who may now or hereafter, own any property lying along the East line of said Roadway, and between the herein 0.69 acre tract and the aforesaid Pike, State Route 350. Subject to all legal highways, easements, covenants, conditions, and restrictions of record. PROPERTY ADDRESS: 4828 Route 350, Lebanon, OH 45036 Each defendant is required to answer such complaint on or before the 28th day after the last publication of said legal advertisement or judgment by default will be taken against any such defendant not so answering, for the relief demanded said complaint. Christopher A. Watkins (0000966) Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Attorney for Barney Treasurer of Warren County, Ohio 10-11,10-18,10-25/2020
October 11, 2020
November 22, 2020
October 22, 2020 1:50pm