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Carlisle 45005 401 West Lomar Ave

SHERIFF'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE Common Pleas Court of Warren County, Ohio Case Number: 19CV092552 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF GERMANTOWN, Plaintiff vs. PENNYE KAYE SMITH, DECEASED, ET AL., Defendant In pursuance of an Order of Sale from said Court to me directed, I will offer for sale at public auction, beginning on 04/06/2020, in accordance with ORC Section 2329.153, online @ https://warren.sheriffsaleauction.ohio. gov on Monday, April 6, 2020 at 8:30 A.M., and if not then sold, on Monday, April 20, 2020 at 8:30 A.M., the following described real estate, situated in the County of Warren and State of Ohio: LOCATION: 401 WEST LOMAR AVE CARLISLE, OH 45005 PARCEL(S): 01-33-101-005 SITUATE IN THE CORPORATION OF CARLISLE, IN THE COUNTY OF WARREN, AND STATE OF OHIO, AND BEING SITUATED IN SECTION 33, T2, R5E, FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, WARREN COUNTY, OHIO, AND BEING A PART OF A TRACT OF LAND CONTAINING TWO (2) ACRES CONVEYED TO RAYMOND B. WEIDLE AND MARTHA C. WEIDLE BY DEED RECORDED IN DEED BOOK 164, PAGE 383, OF THE RECORDS OF SAID COUNTY, THE TRACT HEREBY CONVEYED BEING BOUNDED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING AT A POINT ON THE WESTERLY LINE OF SAID TWO (2) ACRE TRACT 168.66 FEET NORTHWARDLY FROM A STONE AT THE SOUTHWESTERLY CORNER THEREOF; THENCE N. 31 32' EAST ALONG THE WESTERLY LINE OF SAID TRACT 78.66 FEET TC A STAKE; THENCE S. 56' 30' EAST PARALLEL WITH THE SOUTHERLY LINE OF SAID TRACT 245.33 FEET TO A POINT ON THE EASTERLY LINE OF SAID TRACT WHICH IS THE WESTERLY LINE OF A 50' STREET; THENCE S. 33 WEST ALONG THE EASTERLY LINE OF SAID TRACT AND THE WESTERLY LINE OF SAID STREET 78.66 FEET TO A STAKE; THENCE N. 56 30' WEST PARALLEL WITH THE SOUTHERLY LINE OF SAID TRACT 243.32 FEET TO THE PLACE OF BEGINNING. CONTAINING 0.44 ACRES. SUBJECT, HOWEVER, TO THE BUILDING AND USE RESTRICTIONS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS WHICH ARE COVENANTS RUNNING WITH THE LAND AND WHICH SHALL BE BINDING UPON THE GRANTEES, THEIR HEIRS, DEVISEES, AND ASSIGNS, AS SET OUT ON WARRANTY DEED RECORDED IN VOL. 243, PAGE 39, W.C.D.R. CURRENT/OWNER DEED REFERENCE: PENNYE KAYE SMITH BY VIRTUE OF A QUIT CLAIM DEED DATED SEPTEMBER 2, 1990 AND RECORDED JANUARY 31, 1991 IN OR BOOK 610, PAGE 763, AND A WARRANTY DEED DATED DECEMBER 18, 1971 AND RECORDED DECEMBER 20, 1971 IN BOOK 433, PAGE 205. ADDRESS: 401 WEST LOMAR AVENUE, CARLISLE, 0H 45005 PARCEL NUMBER(S): 0133303005 Appraised at $80,000.00. The appraisal was completed based on an exterior view of the property only. Terms of sale: First Sale - To be sold at https://warren.sheriffsaleauction.ohio. gov for not less than two-thirds of the appraised value. Second Sale - If the property does not sell at the first auction, a second sale of this property will be held on Monday, April 20, 2020. The second sale shall be made without regard to the minimum bid requirements in ORC Section 2329.20, but shall be subject to costs, allowance and taxes under ORC Section 2329.21. $5,000.00 deposit which must be on account with Real Auction (See online sale/bidding instructions). Balance cashiers check only within thirty days after confirmation. ORC Section 2327.02(C) requires successful bidders pay recording and conveyance fees to the Sheriff at the time of sale. SHERIFF LARRY L. SIMS WARREN COUNTY, OHIO WWW.WCSOOH.ORG STEPHEN D. MILES LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN D. MILES 18 W MONUMENT AVE DAYTON, OH 45402 (937)461-1900 ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF 3-22, 3-29, 4-5/2020
West Lomar Ave
March 22, 2020
April 20, 2020
March 30, 2020 5:25pm