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Probate Court of Montgomery County, Ohio Alice O

PROBATE COURT OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO ALICE O. McCOLLUM, JUDGE IN RE: CHANGE OF NAME OF Adara Riley York TO: Adara Riley Reyna Case No. 2021MSC00006 NOTICE OF HEARING ON CHANGE OF NAME Applicant hereby gives notice to all interested persons and to Evan M. York whose last knwon address is 422 N Prospect Dr Roundlake Park, IL 60073 that the applicant has filed an Application for Change of Name in the Probate Court of Montgomery County, Ohio, requesting the change of name of Adara Riley York to Adara Riley Reyna. The hearing on the application will be held on the 3rd day of March, 2021 at 2:50 o'clock p.m. in the Probate Court of Montgomery County, located at 41 North Perry Street, 2nd Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45422. Erika V. Kennison 1242 Sanford Dr Dayton, OH 45432 1-11/2021
January 11, 2021
February 9, 2021
January 22, 2021 8:05pm