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City of Middletown, Ohio Request for Proposals Legal

CITY OF MIDDLETOWN, OHIO REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Legal Notice 19-8083 Bonita Drive and Jackson Lane Storm Sewer Repairs PROPOSALS ARE DUE: BY 11:00 AM THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 2019 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS You are hereby advised that the City of Middletown, Ohio, will receive written proposals for performing the Bonita Drive and Jackson Lane Storm Sewer Repairs project, as specified herein. The requested services include the evaluation, design, and repairs to the existing corrugated metal conduits located on Bonita Drive and Jackson Lane in Middletown, Ohio. The project details are outlined below. The City will directly select a consultant/contractor based on the proposal provided. It is anticipated that the selected contractor will be authorized to proceed in September, 2019. Firms interested in being considered should respond by arranging a site visit as soon as possible and submitting three (3) copies of the Proposal to the following address by 11:00 AM on August 29, 2019: Rob Nicolls, P.E., City Engineer City of Middletown 1 Donham Plaza Middletown, OH 45042 513-425-7710 REQUIREMENTS FOR LETTERS OF INTEREST: 1. List the types and examples of past projects of similar scope. 2. Provide a description of your Project Approach, including technical approach, understanding of the project, relevant ideas and information concerning your firm's qualifications for the project. PROJECT BACKGROUND There are (3) parallel 66" diameter corrugated metal pipe conduits (CMP) that carry storm water under Bonita Dr. near the address of 3906 Bonita. The inverts have rusted out and several joints need to be repaired. Each conduit is approximately 160 feet long and is open at each end (headwalls at each end). Approximately ΒΌ mile West of the work on Bonita Dr., at the intersection of Jackson Lane and Burbank Ave. there is a section of 60" CMP that also has a rusted invert. This section is approximately 120 feet long. The section to be repaired is approximately 400 feet upstream from a headwall. There are no manholes in this section of pipe; however, there are a few 12" leads coming from nearby catch basins (curb inlets). PROPOSED PROJECT The City of Middletown will accept proposals to design and construct a structural liner in the defective sections of the pipe(s). In most cases the defective portion will be limited to the invert area (4:00 to 8:00); however, there are areas that will need a full circumferential repair. Applicable specifications are to be followed (ODOT, ACI, etc). Bidders are encouraged to individually meet with City representatives to inspect the site, discuss the project, and ask any questions they may have concerning the proposed work. Proposals shall take into account the existing conditions including but not limited to: water flow (bypass pumping), access, existing pipe condition, etc. It is the City's intent to hire a contractor based on the best proposal to provide a turn-key repair to the system(s). Proposals will be evaluated based on proposed scope of work and associated cost, company history with similar projects, and other factors deemed important to the City. 8-8,8-15/2019
August 8, 2019
September 7, 2019
September 7, 2019 8:10pm