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Notice is Hereby Given That on 6/3/24The

Notice is hereby given that on 6/3/24, the Council of the City of New Carlisle held a Regular meeting where the following were: INTRODUCED: Ordinance 2024-27 (Introduction Tonight. Public Hearing and Action on 06/17/24) AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO EXECUTE A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING THAT AMENDS THE COLLECTIVE BARGAINING UNIT'S JOB CLASSIFICATION AND WAGE TABLE PASSED: Resolution 2024-06R A RESOLUTION ACCEPTING AN H2OHIO GRANT FOR THE PURPOSE OF PURCHASING EQUIPMENT NEEDED FOR THE CITY'S DRINKING WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Resolution 2024-07R A RESOLUTION TO SEEK MEMBERSHIP IN THE AARP NETWORK OF AGE-FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES Ordinance 2024-22 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 1460.44 OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF NEW CARLISLE REGARDING ACCESSORY USES FOR RECREATIONAL VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT, AND OVERNIGHT PARKING Ordinance 2024-24 AN ORDINANCE SUPPLEMENTING CERTAIN APPROPRIATIONS CONTAINED IN NEW CARLISLE CITY ORDINANCE 2023-61 Ordinance 2024-25 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 618.15 OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF NEW CARLISLE REGARDING ANIMAL ENCLOSURES Ordinance 2024-26 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 618 OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES FOR THE PURPOSE OF PERMITTING THE KEEPING OF CHICKENS AT RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES WITHIN CITY LIMITS Upcoming Meetings: 6/17/24, 7/1/24, 7/15/24 - Regular Council Meetings start time: 6:00 pm. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held at Heritage Hall in Smith Park. 6/15/24 - Council Coffee and Donuts from 10-2 at the New Carlisle Farmers Market to meet and greet residents. 6/10/24 - Special Meeting to introduce upcoming legislation @ 6:00pm at Heritage Hall. Copies of all legislation can be found at the City Building 331 S.Church St. between 7 am and 4 pm upon request. Emily Berner Clerk of Council, City of New Carlisle 6-9/2024
June 9, 2024
July 8, 2024
June 13, 2024 8:10pm