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Substantial Amendment to Butler County Action Plan

SUBSTANTIAL AMENDMENT TO BUTLER COUNTY ACTION PLAN The following activities of the 2023 Butler County Entitlement Program will be revised from the original Action Plan and Substantial Amendment #1 submitted to HUD. Additional information can be found at the Butler County Department of Development - Community Development Division website which can be accessed at These changes will be made to ensure timely expenditure of CDBG funds, and/or reflect significant changes to the scope of projects. Decrease Project 2021 Butler County Demolition Demolition: -$18,775.00. Decrease Project 2022 Village of Seven Mile Catch Basin Replacement: - $155,069.00. Decrease Project 2022 Butler County Demolition Demolition: -$33,884.00. Decrease Project 2022 City of Trenton Sidewalk Installation: -$11,156.00. Add Project 2023 SELF Emergency Home Repairs: +$75,000.00. Add Project 2023 Butler County Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice: +$35,000.00. Add Project 2023 Butler County 2025-2029 Consolidated Plan: +$45,000.00. Add Project 2023 Substantial Amendment 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan and Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report: +$30,000.00. Increase Project 2023 Butler County Demolition Demolition: +$33,884.00. Decrease Projects 2020-2023 Neighborhood Housing Services Down Payment Assistance: -$426,875.00. Add Project 2023 Neighborhood Housing Services Acquisition & Rehab Project: +$426,875.00. Decrease 2022 Project City of Middletown Downpayment Assistance: - $276,136.00. Increase 2023 Project City of Middletown Affordable Housing Development: +$276,136.00. 2023 City of Oxford Scope Change to Park Improvements (Playground): $115,000.00 2023 Serve City Scope Change to Facility Improvements: $41,383.00 A public hearing to review and receive comments from the public will be held on February 12, 2024, at 9:30 a.m. local time in the Butler County Board of Commissioner's Chambers on the Second floor of the Butler County Government Services Center, 315 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio. Butler County will assist persons with disabilities needing interpreters or other auxiliary aids and services in order to participate in this hearing. Any request for such assistance must be made no later than 72 hours in advance of the hearing, by contacting the Community Development Division at (513) 785-5391. Citizen comments will be received until March 1, 2024 at the Butler County Department of Development, Community Development Division, located at 130 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011 or by email at Susan Ellerhorst CD Administrator 1-30/2024
January 30, 2024
March 1, 2024
February 28, 2024 8:05pm