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Notice of Public Hearing Notice is Hereby Given

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Clark County Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing on Thursday, August 25, 2022 beginning at 1:00 pm., in Conference Room 151, Springview Government Center, 3130 E. Main Street, Springfield, Ohio to hear the following cases: Case #BZA-2022-23, Owners/Applicants Jacob & Silke Berner, who are seeking a variance to Section 802.02.032 to allow a swimming pool safety cover for an inground swimming pool instead of the required fence or wall. The subject property is located at 7936 W. National Rd. in Bethel Township. Case #BZA-2022-24, Owners/Applicants Jeffrey & Melinda Andrus, who are seeking a variance to Section 802.06.03 to allow for a 2,304 sq. ft. pole barn with a height of 21 ft. on a lot less than one acre. The subject property is located at 807 Old Mill Rd. in Mad River Township. Case #BZA-2022-25, Owners/Applicants Chase & Ashley Harder, who are seeking a variance to Section 805.02.01 to allow a 6 ft. tall fence in the front yard of a corner lot. The subject property is located at 1340 Westview Ave. in Moorefield Township. Case #BZA-2022-26, Owner/Applicant Hermenegildo Chavez Juarez, who is seeking a variance to Section 802.03.05 to allow 24 ft. by 100 ft. (2,400 sq. ft.) greenhouse on a parcel without a primary structure. The subject property is Parcel #010-10-00036-203-005 located behind 4022 Osborn Rd. in Bethel Township. Case #BZA-2022-27, Owner Evans Family Ranch LLC, Applicant Chad Watkins, who are seeking the following: a) Variance to Section 501.02 to allow for the use of a gravel parking surface at 571 and 11140 Milton-Carlisle Rd. in Bethel Township; and b) Conditional Use under Section 501.04.022 for off-street (over flow) parking on Parcel #010-05-00028-108-011 for allowed commercial uses at 571 Milton-Carlisle Rd. Case #BZA-2022-28, Owners/Applicants Casey & Sara Leslie, who are seeking the following variances: a) Section 728.05.04 allowing new construction to the premise to accommodate a conditional use; b) Section 728.05.08 to allow a maximum of 4 non-residents of the premise employed, be an independent contractor or volunteer with a conditional use; and c) Section 728.05.09 to allow a maximum 4 light duty commercial vehicles parked or stored on the property for a conditional use. The subject property is located at 7720 Milton-Carlisle Rd. in Bethel Township. Case #BZA-2022-03, Owners/Applicants Joshua & Morgan Barnett, who are seeking a Variance to Section 808.09.05 to allow for ground mounted solar panels in the front yard. The subject property is located at 9662 South Charleston Pike in Madison Township. This case was Tabled on February 24, 2022 for up to six months. Map information and zoning regulations on the above cases are available for public review at Clark County Community and Economic Development, 3130 East Main Street, Suite 1A, Springfield, OH 45503 during regular business hours. Allan Neimayer, Senior Planner 8-11/2022
August 11, 2022
August 25, 2022
August 25, 2022 8:05pm